We’re committed to creating and contributing to a more sustainable environment.

The Mill Gate Shopping Centre’s service capabilities and position within Bury town centre provides the shopping centre with the opportunity to drive change that minimises the impact of managing and operating a Retail Shopping Centre on the environment. That means making careful decisions that protect and enhance the environment while serving the economic requirements of a successful business enterprise.

Buildings generate 40% or more of greenhouse gas emissions in developed countries. We will help to reduce emission levels significantly by taking a proactive approach to promoting change within our industry. We will apply our resources and management capabilities to the 440,000 square feet of property we manage, reducing the environmental impacts of our operations and delivering leading sustainability solutions to our owners and occupiers throughout the scheme.

We will deliver real value in a world where energy management and sustainability are assuming ever greater importance to our owners, retailers and our own local community. We commit to:

Lead the transformation of the retail shopping centre by reducing the environmental impact of commercial property management. This is achieved by:

  • Re-modelling, refurbishing and shop-fitting using technologies and best practice that move toward a zero carbon impact;
  • Identify and meet environmental legislative obligations;
  • Lowering energy consumption across the retail scheme through sustainable renovations and management improvements;
  • Permanently cutting energy demand and costs;
  • Achieving Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

Increase our investment in energy and sustainability expertise. This is achieved by:

  • Expanding our benchmarking tools to measure industry performance;
  • Leveraging our procurement power to drive supply chain compliance with sustainably sourced and green products into our managed buildings and refurbishment management projects;
  • Extend the scope and reach of our sustainability focused communications to educate our teams and retailers with best-practice training and technical expertise.

Reduce our carbon footprint through our sustainability initiatives, which focuses on energy concervation, water conservation, emissions reduction, solid waste reduction, recycling and recycled material use. This is achieved by:

  • Measuring and benchmarking our carbon footprint and continuing to reduce our impact;
  • Reducing the CO2 impact of corporate travel by investing in communication technology tools such as Zoom, for example – and flexible work practices;
  • Engaging and educating colleagues in energy awareness to create permanent sustainable behavioural change.
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