Owl Cam

Owl Cam

In a private location just minutes walk from Mill Gate, a pair of Tawny Owls are preparing for Springtime when they will raise their new family.

For over a decade Tawny Owls have nested in a barrel which is situated high up in an oak tree.

Each year the pair have laid between one and three white eggs which they incubate for around 28 days. Incubation starts from the very day the first egg is laid

which means there is generally a two day gap between each egg hatching. The owlets are of different sizes and the biggest will be the first one that hatches.

During December the female generally visits the nesting site as soon as it is dark, to make sure no squirrels have taken up occupancy in their home!

During the night, the owl will return and sit snug in the wood chippings at the bottom of the barrel for a few minutes before flying off into the darkness.

Eggs have been laid anytime between January and April- but normally by early March the female will begin to lay her eggs.

Whilst she sits tightly on her clutch the male will bring food items to her, strengthening their bond and getting ready for when there are more hungry mouths to feed.

You will see the male bringing worms, frogs, mice and voles which are hunted through the night.

Both parents hunt for food for their babies for up to six weeks until they are fully fledged and can start hunting for themselves.

We hope you enjoy watching our family of owls.

We're looking for the perfect name to reflect the beauty, and grace of this magnificent bird. To enter, simply put your name suggestion in the comment section of our related social media posts after 15th February #nametheowl and keep watching the live feed.