Let’s Grow Together at Mill Gate!

Let’s Grow Together at Mill Gate!

Now more than ever, being ‘green’ is something on everyone’s mind. From buying eco-friendly products to supporting climate change programmes, we all want to be able to ‘do our bit’. However, at times, we may not be sure how to keep going or even get started in the first place… And that is where our latest campaign can jump in to help!

As part of our wider commitment to going ‘green’, we have developed a campaign that focuses on how small changes to our actions can help to make a big difference. By using our custom made and simple Carbon Calculator, you can get an idea of your own carbon footprint and even better; ways to reduce it. Introducing simplistic ways to reduce, recycle, repair and reuse into your daily routine will help enable you to reduce your carbon footprint. The ultimate goal is to protect our environment, support community initiatives, and additionally even save ourselves some money.

Kirsty Williams, Centre manager stated: “Our centre has always been committed to reducing the environmental impacts of our operations and delivering leading sustainability solutions to our owners and occupiers throughout the scheme. However, we now want to share this enthusiasm with our customers and wider communities, by helping them understand what their potential environmental impact may be and how they can reduce it - even by the smallest of tasks.”

Alongside the custom Carbon Calculator is a bespoke and fun digital game (that you will struggle to quit playing!), along with a series of tips and activities for the whole family to take part in.

Plus, there is even the chance to win a luxury nature getaway worth £100!

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