Operation Elf T&Cs

  1. The Operation Elf promotion commences on Sunday 25th November at 10.30am and finishes at 5pm on Monday 31st December 2018.

  2. Chance plays no part in determining the distribution of the rewards in the Operation Elf promotion. To gain points, customers must take their receipts to the Customer Services Desk in Minden Parade.

  3. For every pound spent on purchases in Mill Gate Shopping Centre by the customer during Operation Elf promotional period at Mill Gate, the customer will receive a token(s) in the form of coloured ‘tokens’ which they may then place into their chosen registered charity Post Box at Mill Gate. The total purchase amount on each receipt will be rounded up to the next pound to determine the value of tokens given to the customer. For example, a customer presenting a receipt for a purchase of £2.50 would receive a token(s) to the value of £3, whereas a receipt for £2.49 would equate to a token(s) to the value of £2. Only tokens placed in the Post Box by the closing date and time qualify for consideration. The Promoter reserves the right to decline to issue tokens where it has reasonable grounds for believing receipts presented relate to purchases made by anyone other than the customer presenting the receipts or their immediate family.

  4. Prizes will be allocated as follows: The charity with the most tokens will win first place, £750. Second place £500, Third place £250 and fourth and fifth place £100 each. b. The promoter reserves the right to change prizes specified without notice.

  5. Mill Gate reserves the right to promote ‘Bonus Periods’ at which time customers may receive multiple tokens for every pound spent during that period.

  6. Tokens are not redeemable or transferable and do not have any cash value.

  7. Receipts must be dated between 25th November and 31st December 2018 they must be from Mill Gate Shopping Centre only, no more than 3 receipts from the same store in the same day from the same customer will be accepted, customers are not allowed to ask/receive other peoples discarded receipts from stores in Mill Gate, anyone found to be doing so may have their points disqualified.