Bond Street Shoe Company keeping pace with the trends

GABRIELLA Armstrong is not one to stand around, not unless she’s discussing the latest high heel looks with her loyal customers in one of the three family-owned Bond Street Shoe Company shops.

Even then you can bet that Gabriella is also hard at work thinking about what is going to be in store for her on her next buying trip to Paris, Spain or the Far East. Not exactly how she dreamed of travelling the world when she graduated with a BSc in Psychology from Manchester University.

The company currently has three stores - in Mill Gate Shopping Centre in Bury, as well as Stockport and Ashton - and specialises in ‘on-trend fashion footwear styles’, including seasonal items, at affordable prices.

Just recently though, Gabriella’s has been putting her focus into developing Bond Street Shoe Company’s online presence with their first proper e-commerce website, which went live earlier this month.

She said: “When you’ve developed a successful retail fashion proposition and you know you have a loyal customer base who love what you do and tell you on Facebook, it’s only natural that the next step should be to go online to spread the word.

“This is not something we’ve just rushed in to. It’s taken us the best part of a year to ensure that what you see in our shops is exactly what you get online 24/7 and that takes a lot of planning and resources, plus a lot of careful thought about sourcing the right product.”

With Gabriella, retailing runs in the blood and she’s the third Armstrong generation involved in footwear retailing but admits that e-commerce is where she’s always had her heart set.

“I’ve had some invaluable advice and encouragement from a big US footwear retailer who’s been watching how we’ve developed the Bond Street concept since I first met him at a trade fair in Germany,” she adds.

“And of course Anne Marie and Leo (Gabriella’s Mum and Dad) have been an inspiration with well over 70 years fashion footwear expertise between them that I’ve been able to dip into. The e-commerce side of Bond Street though is an area of expertise that’s all mine and I’m learning all the time and just can’t wait to get started.”

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Bond Street Shoe Company keeping pace with the trends