Bury Market

Voted best market in Britain!

“….a shoppers’ mecca, a retail nirvana rich with exotic bargains, a fabled bazaar, a veritable souk of the north.” Or so said Stuart Maconie in his 2007 Book ‘Pies and Prejudice’ and he is so right!

Bury Market attracts hundreds of thousands of shoppers drawn by the many bargains and sheer variety that can be found there and with High Street Butchers and Fishmongers becoming a rare sight in modern towns and cities, the collection of skills and produce on offer within this one building is a reminder of what a pleasurable experience shopping for fresh food can be.

On Full Market Days a visitor to the Fish and Meat Hall will be entertained by the theatre of the stallholders shouting out their wares and announcing the ‘deals of the day’.

The Fish and Meat Hall opens Monday to Saturday with a half day on Tuesday, the best days to visit are the three Full Market Days of Wednesday, Friday and Saturday as not all stalls open on the Non-Market Days.